What are the requirements for a Franchise Partner?

To qualify as a Mo’Cha Bubble Tea Franchise Partner, you must:

- Operate the business as a full time owner/manager working in the store, behind the counter, a minimum of 40hrs/week.
- Be able to finance the cost to build and operate the business.
- Have a passion to serve customers with excellence while building a business.
- Have an outgoing personality that connects with your employees and customers.
- Be willing and able to work hard! Yes, our locations are busy and only the most committed applicants will have the tenacity and talent to uphold the standards of the Mo’Cha Bubble Tea Franchise System.

Do you allow multi-unit owners?

Once you have mastered the skills required to successfully operate your first location, Mo’Cha Bubble Tea can offer the appropriate training to expand “your business” to a second location and beyond. Several of our Franchise Partners have done so, and as a result have made a big business out of making bubble tea. Maybe you have what it takes to do the same?

Does Mo’Cha Bubble Tea grant territories?

Mo’Cha Bubble Tea does not grant territories. We allow a franchise partner to expand their business based on the levels of quality, service, and cleanliness that they and their employees provide. In the Mo’Cha Bubble Tea system, a well-run business brings additional opportunities for expansion.



How much does it cost to start a Mo’Cha Bubble Tea franchise?

After successfully completing our thorough interview and qualification process, you will be awarded a Mo’Cha Bubble Tea Franchise Agreement. The Franchise Fee is a one-time payment of $15,000 for first location. The cost to build a store, depending on location and store type, ranges from approximately $85,000 to $150,000 (CDN$). At least 50% of the franchise cost must be unencumbered (cash or liquid assets). The remaining amount may be financed through the chartered banks, or by way of the Canadian Small Business Loan.

What is included in this startup cost?

Included in the cost of a franchise is the following:

- Assistance with site selection and lease negotiation
- All equipment, furniture, display equipment and signage
- Use of recognized and respected ‘Mo’Cha Bubble Tea’ system and brand equity
- 2 week Certified Mo’Cha Bubble Tea Training Program – 1 week completed in your operating region, and the additional 1 week at the corporate at our hands-on facility located at our Support Offices.
- Store opening manager to assist in the opening of your Mo’Cha Bubble Tea and training of your employees.
- The use of all Mo’Cha Bubble Tea Proprietary Manuals, Systems and recipes
- Right to use the Trademarks or Trade names
- Comprehensive marketing and merchandising programs
- Ongoing support from the Support Office and field personnel
- High profile national presence
- Shared buying power and established distribution system
- Partnership with a Franchisor devoted to the shared success of all Franchise Partners

What influences price fluctuations on startup costs?

Factors such as size, geographic location, condition of premises, economic climate, furniture, fixtures, equipment, signage, and the overall work required by general contractors will affect the cost of construction.

If the cost is lower on construction, do those savings benefit me?

Yes! The costs of construction may fluctuate from the time you sign you Franchise Agreement and the time construction commences on your store location. This is the reason we must provide a range for total investment. If there are any decreases in construction costs, the savings would be passed on to you. In addition, Mo’Cha Bubble Tea continues to research new products that reduce construction costs, without compromising quality or design.

Does Mo’Cha Bubble Tea offer financing?

No, Mo’Cha Bubble Tea does not lend funds to finance the cost of the franchise. However, the Mo’Cha Bubble Tea Franchise System is respected and recognized by all major Canadian banks that offer the Canadian Small Business Loan. Once you have been awarded a franchise with Mo’Cha Bubble Tea, we will be happy to introduce you to our banking contacts.

How much Capital Net Worth is required for a Franchise Partner?

We require a net worth of $250,000 minimum, and unencumbered capital of a minimum of $65,000.

What is the ongoing Royalty Fee and what does it cover?

The weekly Royalty Fee is 4.5% of gross sales. This fee pays for the cost of ongoing support and training, product research, and ongoing development of the Mo’Cha Bubble Tea Franchise System.

What is the Mo’Cha Bubble Tea Brand Development Fund and what does it cover?

The weekly Mo’Cha Bubble Tea Brand Development Fee is 1% of gross sales. This fee pays for the cost of marketing, advertising, branding, administration of the fund, and also pays the expenses of the point of purchase marketing materials including posters, banners, store signage, and product photos. Together, we feel these elements offer some of the most intelligent and premium store level campaigns in the fast-casual food industry.



With respect to menu items, can I add my own?

No. The strength of a respected franchise system is based on a customer experiencing consistent products and services at each outlet.

Where do I order my products?

Mo’Cha Bubble Tea’s national approved vendors for food products and supply across Canada. In addition, we have a select few direct suppliers that provide some of our proprietary products and with whom a Franchise Partner orders direct.

Can I create my own pricing?

No. The Mo’Cha Bubble Tea Franchise System sets the prices for each region and bases the pricing strategy on significant market research combined with competitive and economic conditions.


How do I apply for a Mo’Cha Bubble Tea franchise?

To submit an application for future opportunities, please complete the Initial Application Form on this website. Your submission will be directed to the sales team in your region who will then contact you directly.

Note: Each owner/partner associated with the purchase of the Franchise must complete the Franchise Request for Consideration.


Will Mo’Cha Bubble Tea assist in finding me a location and negotiating the lease?

Our Real Estate and Development Team will assist you in securing and negotiating a location. Once the site is secured, the Store Development Team begins the process of assisting Franchise Partners with tendering prices and construction of the new location.

How long does it take to find a location?

Time required to find a location depends on many factors including competition, vacancy rates, rental rates, and landlord timelines. A location could be available immediately upon execution of a franchise agreement, or it may take a year or more if the franchisee is waiting for a project under construction.

What should I look for in a Real Estate location?

Mo’Cha Bubble Tea has a real estate philosophy based on supporting our brand with the best locations possible. You must factor in many considerations including, but not limited to visibility, rental rates, traffic patterns, brand awareness, competition, weather patterns, parking, demographics, and existing sales information and condition of the property.


Who designs the store?

Our award-winning designs have established Mo’Cha Bubble Tea as a category leader in the bubble tea/smoothie industry. All design is done in-house and with a design specialist. As a Franchise Partner, you will not have any involvement in the design or layout of your store. Your time will be focused on learning how to make the perfect smoothie, hiring talented staff, and preparing yourself to open the business.

Does Mo’Cha Bubble Tea manage the construction process?

Mo’Cha Bubble Tea’s Store Development team assists you with the construction process and works closely with the general contractor that you, the Franchise Partner, selects from an approved contractor list provided by Mo’Cha Bubble Tea.

How long does the construction process take?

Usually, construction of the premises will take approximately 45-60 days total. There are many stages to prepare for construction including, but not limited to, planning, design, blueprints, engineered drawings, landlord review, city approval, and the tendering process. From the time we decide to proceed with a location to the day we open, we recommend a 6-month timeline to help you meet all required dates.





What training does Mo’Cha Bubble Tea offer?

Franchisors provide employee-training programs for their Franchise Partners. Mo’Cha Bubble Tea provides a comprehensive, industry-leading 2-week Certified Mo’Cha Bubble Tea Training Program. One week are completed in your operating region, and the additional one week in a corporate at the hands-on facility located at our Support Offices. This program is a blend of in-store training and classroom theory. Mo’Cha Bubble Tea’s training program equips our Franchise Partners and employees to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively. It exposes you to real operations and the rewards and challenges that you can expect on a daily basis. There is a strong emphasis on customer relations, product quality and food handling and hygiene procedures. Mo’Cha Bubble Tea is also certified to train the National Food Safety Training Program (NFSTP) that meets provincially legislated food safety requirements.



What ongoing support will I receive?

Mo’Cha Bubble Tea manages their districts by offering the time, knowledge, and energy of a District Manager. Our District Managers are responsible for a designated territory to ensure the utmost focus and commitment to our Franchise Partners. In addition to providing experienced and knowledgeable feedback and guidance, they also ensure that our standards of product quality, value, cleanliness, and customer service are consistently met in all locations within their district.